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Full Service Lighting Agreement 






Full service lighting agreement sample quote


What is a Full Service Lighting Agreement?


A full service lighting contract is a fixed fee, fixed timeline agreement

to maintain your lighting system with no upfront costs.



Benefits of a Full Service Lighting Agreement


ALL NEW lamps

You get all new lamps and fixtures* installed at the beginning of the

agreement. Agreement may be 2-4 years. You will have the most

up-to-date energy efficient lighting.


FREE Lamps

You receive FREE lamp replacement for the life of the agreement. 

If a lamp goes out during your agreement, we will replace it for free.


No Upfront Costs

Your costs will be financed throughout the term of the agreement. 

This means that the burden of a high upfront cost is eliminated.


Fixed Monthly Expense

You have a fixed monthly expense for the term of the agreement.

No need to worry about budgeting for emergency lighting situations. 

It takes the guess work out of energy budgeting.


Energy Savings Rebates

Many local public power companies are providing companies

with energy savings rebates when they upgrade their lighting to more

sustainable products. Superior Lighting will work with the public power company

to ensure your company receives the highest rebate possible.


Preventive Maintenance

We can set up monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly visits to your facility. Any replacements are already covered in your monthly payments.


Intermittent Service Requests

Call us anytime there’s an issue with your lighting and we’ll have someone take care of it right away, even if it’s not a scheduled visit.



*New fixtures may not be needed. Fixture installation may vary by facility. Sample quote is generic.  All calculations assume that fixtures are in working order prior to lamp installation.







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