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A 220 store major Midwest supermarket chain feels the pinch of increased energy costs. Knowing that lighting comprises over 38% of the total energy bill, they ask our Certified Lighting Management Consultant to investigate the alternatives available to reduce their lighting costs.


Superior's consultant does a complete on-site survey of the location, tallying the types and wattages of lamps in 484 fixtures. An extensive analysis is prepared detailing the energy consumption of the current system and its current cost of over $36,000 annually.


Superior's Consultant recommends a new lighting configuration using the same 484 fixtures, but fitted with energy saving lamps. The result:



The project required an investment of only $30,000. The initial investment is returned in less than 2 years with a return on investment of 58%!


Further savings, through tax incentives, can be generated if the project qualifies under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005).


Let Superior Lighting Inc. show you how to make a contribution to a greener environment, reduce your energy costs and determine eligibility for EPAct tax incentives.


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