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As a retailer we regularly have workmen in from different companies to perform maintenance or service work for us. Your men did a superb job! We had expected them to be on site for about 4 days & they got the work done in only 2!


Not only that, but the quality of work was just as impressive. Each fixture was thoroughly washed as expected and they went out of their way to coordinate the work with our night people and department managers. In doing so they were able to work efficiently and we were able to get our night stocking done as well. The result was that our departments were kept looking neat and orderly.


It´s not unusual to need to do some cleanup after this type of work but with your people that was not necessary. We even had a lighting outage in a part of the store not covered by the relamp & they took care of that as well.


As a result of your work, our store is able to maintain our reputation for the sharp look and high quality that our customers have come to expect from our store. Thanks again for a job well done. And at a competitive price too!


Store Director
Major Midwest Grocery Chain



As you know, your work crew worked on the High Bay lighting in our Convention Halls over the past month. I wanted to send you a note to let you know the results.


An organization such as ours regularly has workmen in from different companies to perform maintenance or service work for us. Your men did a superb job! We had anticipated some scheduling problems, given the frequent uses we have for that space and your men showed great flexibility in getting their work done at a time that was most convenience to us. Not only that, but the quality of the work was just as impressive. Each 1000 watt fixture they retrofitted with the T-8 units was safely and quickly removed and the new fixtures aligned to our expectations.


The lighting in the space has been greatly enhanced as well. We gained about 10% to 15% in foot-candles with a broader spread of the light, less ´spotlighting´ and shadowing was greatly reduced. What I liked best was the ´Instant On´ capability. With the old Metal Halides, if someone accidentally turned off the lights, it took 15 minutes to fully restore lighting. I know I will get less light depreciation with the new fixtures too.


Feel free to have any one contact me to discuss the success of our program.


Chief Engineer
Community Convention Center



I wanted to send you a letter regarding the work your men have been doing under the Full Service Contract we have with you. The first way you impressed me was with the quality of light after you relamped our facility at the program's start. I hadn't realized how dull our lighting had become. And since you washed the fixtures, we now get all the light we were paying for!


When your man arrives for the monthly inspection, he checks with Steve to see if there are any issues in particular that need to be addressed. He does a great job inspecting our facility, not an easy task with all the rooms we have tucked away in different parts of the building. If a light goes out in between the scheduled calls, your dispatcher always responds promptly and attends to our needs.


We have been very pleased with the value we are getting with this program, and I can highly recommend this approach for anyone who wants to eliminate the business interruptions that can occur with lighting outages throughout the year.


Thanks again for a job well done!


Managing Director
Leading Iowa Pharmacy



Because of your Monthly Inspection Program our stores are brighter than they have ever been.


My managers appreciate that they no longer have the responsibility of keeping the stores lit. Your technician also checks all my exterior lights and my pole sign. It is a relief knowing that everything is checked monthly and any outages are repaired without a special service call.


Your techs are very professional and the map you provide with your invoice is a great tool for me to reference.


Your pricing is very competitive and I feel partnering with Superior Lighting helps me keep my stores looking good at a price that fits into our budget.


I would recommend your inspection program to any fellow store owners.


Local Iowa Convenience Store Chain