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Is your cooler lighting eating your profits?

If so, it's time for an LED conversion.

Superior Lighting takes care of the entire process for you.  We do a lighting audit at no cost

to you and provide you with a survey of lamp requirements in your store.   We work with several product

lines and we will make sure that the product we use is the perfect one for your store.

Our lighting upgrades save our customers an average of 30% on their energy and maintenance costs.

Superior Lighting will tailor an ongoing scheduled inspection program to your needs which:

  • Assures a positive retail experience for your customers.
  • Stabilizes your lighting maintenance costs.
  • Provides a single solution to your interior and exterior lighting, including signage.
  • Reduces potential liability associated with inadequate parking light lighting.
  • Keeps you abreast of the latest changes in lighting technology.


Whether you have 1 store or 1,000 Superior Lighting can service your needs.


  Check out one of our recent projects.  This was an LED Cooler Doors retrofit project for Quik Pik.

LED lights in Cooler Doors

Cooler Doors


-Greater visual appeal from reduced glare and color enhancement
-Increased Energy Savings (up to 84% reduction from VHO to LED)
-Reduced Maintenance Costs (LED lasts up to 8x longer than VHO)
-Additional savings from reduced heat in the case
-Environmentally responsible

LED Gas Canopy Fixtures

Gas Canopy Fixtures


- Replace a 320 or 400 W with 75-120 W LED options
- Easily retrofit existing fixtures
- Reduced maintenance costs

LED fixture Interior Convenience store

Exterior and Interior Fixtures


-Outstanding light levels
-Exceptional reliability
-Significant energy savings
-Replace 400 W with 120-160 W options
-Long Life: Up to 100,000 hours (5x the life of HID)
-Virtually Maintenance free, once installed


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We are a ServiceChannel Connected Contractor.



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